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Wither Studios // Developers of Crowman & Wolfboy

The brains behind Wither Studios

Working in teams can be challenging but the guys at Wither Studios make it look like the most natural thing in the world. The six men behind Crowman & Wolfboy are a blend of artistic and technical talent that share a vision for a fun and challenging platform/infinate runner mobile game. When I met Doyle Daigle II and he mentioned that his work with Wither on a video game I was instantly on board—not only because theAPC hasn't added video game development to the Collection yet but I personally have a deep fondness for gaming in my personal time. I considered the very reasonable $2.99 purchase of the game as needed pre-interview research.

This interview provided a couple different challenges for the AP Collection that were navigated to the best of ability. First off, I've never had this many people on mic at one time but I think we managed that pretty well. Second, this is the first time I delve into a topic that I don't have much background in or a versed vocabulary of—technology! The guys were very gracious though and walked me through their process, their group dynamic, and introduce me to the Crowman & Wolfboy journey. I recommend picking this game up. It's fun, the animation is beautiful, and the sounds track is pretty killer.

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