Stephen Foxbury // Yellow Couch Studio and Management

The other day I biked down to the Point to see Essential Machine play on the main stage at the Three Rivers Arts Festival. After I headed out, Matt Dayak texted me saying that next time I should stop by to check out the Yellow Couch Studio's set up next to the main stage space. He's recording the videos for Stephen Foxbury's series.

If I've learned anything over the past couple years, it's to never turn down an invite to go back stage. 

A cozy shipping crate was transformed into a chic little recording spot by Abode Home Staging. Mics from Peluso Microphone Lab and a super beautiful amp from Empire Music are tucked neatly into the space with the iconic Yellow Couch that is the center piece of Stephen's studio.

Stephen and Matt were in between recordings when they fed me snacks and let me record a quick chat! We talk about the studio, the sessions recorded during TRAF, and how Stephen built a business that utilizes his diverse skills set and lifelong devotion to music. 

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