call for interns

The AP Collection is Looking for an Intern!


The AP Collection is a place for stories that are told by the creative people living them in and around Pittsburgh. Recordings are posted twice a week and are available on the website (, through the RSS Feed, and via subscription on iTunes.

Since 2012, the website and the stories on them have been maintained solely by me. My name is Genevieve Barbee and I’m a 2D artist, living and working in Pittsburgh for the past seven-ish years, (ten if you include my time here in school). My work focuses on defining and revealing process, exposing the many layers of personal perspective, and empathy.

The AP Collection is growing and with it there is more work to be done and not enough man power to manage it all. That is why I am considering bringing on an intern! At the moment, this is not a paid position, but if growth continues it’ll become one.

Essential experience / position requirements:

Basic Mac use, a bit of web design, confidence in problem solving, independent time management, ability to accept new challenges without hesitation, comfortable asking questions, willingness to be time flexible on Fridays, Saturday, and Sundays and possibly weekday evenings if interested. No more than ten hours a week will be required with the ability to negotiate addition or reduction of time after one month.

Must be interested in: 

Learning about podcasting including all aspects of recording, editing of audio files, notation, blogging, and some very light administrative duties, (including occasional scheduling, emailing, and social media), working along side me with creating things for the site—I’m open to collaborating on new ideas!

This position has no educational requirements.
Candidates of all ages above 18 years encouraged to apply. 

I’m looking for a curious and creative person who is eager to learn new skills or expand upon their current knowledge base and who is eager to network with other creatives from a variety of disciplines in the Pittsburgh area. 

Interested parties can send their information, (email, other contact information, and website if applicable) to Please include a paragraph introducing yourself and an outline of your past experience, if any, with web design, podcasting, blogging, and any other creative endeavor worth mentioning.