Sober Thoughts (March 2013 Update)

March 1st signifies the end of Sober February. I took a pause in my social life and in order to force myself to be creative and not blow off steam at happy hour I didn't drink alcohol for the past 28.5 days. Instead, I focused entirely on the Collection, writing, and art making. The month was a great success with much accomplished but as always there is a downside. With so much productivity and concentration on selfish-making-things-time my personal life has greatly suffered!

I am now ready to reclaim my personal time. The first action is to discontinue two interviews a week. The Thursday 8PM post seem to get the most traffic anyway so I'm going to focus on making those the best they can be and continue with small little things during the week.

Just because I'm back on the wagon doesn't mean that March will be all free time and happy dancing. There are a few things that I can't disclose yet but I'm really looking forward to some improvements to each audio post that will be happening in the next couple weeks and hope to implement some of those improvements to every back post as well.

Upcoming interviews will feature a very wide variety of people, disciplines, and therefore a lot of great discussion. If you or someone you know wants to chat email me at and we can set the date!

The painting of Fat Sally  (see Amanda Waltz Part 2) is in the works right now in the studio along with a couple other personal projects that I will post to the site. There are also some updates to the unfinished paintings in the two-dimensional gallery.  I am hopefully posting new photos of those in the next couple weeks. 

Heart not Home sold this month

Finally, and likely the biggest news, I sold a painting this past week! Heart not Home, went to a happy location on a wall somewhere here in Pittsburgh. I make art for myself but it does feel pretty amazing to sell something. 

Happy March everyone. See you on the Internet :)