Jenny Chan // Photographer, 100 Happy Days

Jenny Chan // Photographer, 100 Happy Days

Room to Breathe, Time to Speak: Jenny Chan talks about her love of photography, her journey participating in the 100 Happy Days project, and her new photography project that was inspired by the 100 Happy Days. 

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Constant Vigilance

When interviewing with a prospective employer or embarking on a first date there is a lot of fuss made about first impressions. You want to look the part of up-standing citizen and hide the fact that you maybe aren't a neat freak or the most detailed oriented.  

Personally, I've gone into a job interview with my shirt on inside out and backwards. Thankfully a couple years before that day in particular the Gap had come out with a new line of 'tagless T's' so it wasn't as obvious you'd think. Also, the person I interviewed with might have thought "the kids" where enjoying a new inside-out-backward fad of some kind. I wound up getting that job and (for all of my faults) I excelled at it. On the other side of things, when I met my current partner I thought he was a bit of a spaz, until he took interest in the things I had to say and my opinion changed dramatically.

My point is, while first impressions are important they only offer one small look into our potential. By making it to an earlier agreed upon location, completely clothed, fed, and caffeinated, you have only really committed to the bare essentials of adulthood. It's not until you are in the middle of a tense discussion in the office or stuck on the side of the road with your significant other that the real metal of a person is tested. Moments like those can't be created artificially so we must always be open to what might come our way and respond accordingly.


While this observation seems obvious, "Don't judge a book by it's cover kids!", it's amazing how often snap judgments are made that come from a place that is scared, ignorant, or just plan jaded.

In the past month I have learned so much from the people kind and adventurous enough to come over and talk about their lives into a microphone. The biggest take away though, has been not to take for granted the real person living underneath the first glance or interaction.


Ask yourself, would you have treated this kitty as royalty if she hadn't worn a crown?