Be in Bridge Witches: A Tarot Deck Volume 3

I created Bridge Witches after interviewing 200ish people in Pittsburgh about their lives in the Steel City. Since then, the response has been incredible and enthusiastic. I’ve updated the deck regularly because it’s a living, breathing document. With each update I explore new illustration techniques and share different stories inspired by real people. For this most recent edition, I’d love to work directly with a new batch of Pittsburghers.

From now until September 7th, 2019 I’m looking for Pittsburgh based people who want to be featured in Bridge Witches Volume 3. The funds I raise all go towards printing the next batch and you will get something in return!

Pricing Structure

  • $75, be a card in the deck and get a copy of the deck and guide when it releases (December 2019) Invoiced via PayPal

  • $150, be a card in the deck, get a copy of the deck and guide when it releases, receive an 8x10inch framed print of your card (December 2019) Invoice via PayPal

This effort is the first time I’ve tried something like this and I hope to meet new people and create some cool work together.

Please Consider

Bridge Witches is about sharing diverse stories from the ‘Burgh. While everyone is encouraged to participate, a variety of ages, ethnic backgrounds, abilities, and gender identities makes everything better. Please consider purchasing a level as a gift for a friend or loved one <3

Reference Images

I’ll need a few different images and will work with you individually to collect reference images.

Can’t spare the funds right now? That’s ok! Please share this in your circle. I’m also looking for an unsung historical figure to highlight—if you have any leads lemme know!

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