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The Small Versions of the Big Dino Sticker Pack

The Small Versions of the Big Dino Sticker Pack

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Little versions from The Big Dino Sticker Pack!

In September 2018, the Public Art and Civic Design Team commissioned several artists to spruce up sections of nine different Pittsburgh City Parks. Ki11erpancake chose the underpass in-between Schenley Pool and Anderson Playground. —decorating it with large 4 foot by 2.5 foot illustrations of dinosaurs. Titled, “The Big Dino Sticker Pack” the installation compliments the playground’s dino theme and references the legacy of Carnegie funded dinosaur digs and discoveries—the results of which are on display in the Carnegie Museum of Natural History close by.

These sticker sheets feature the dinosaurs from the Big Dino Sticker Pack in a more manageable size for the average sticker lover! Each 8.5x11 inch sheet features between six and eight dino stickers (varying from 2.5 to 4 inches each in size).

Which dinos are on which sheet?

Dippy Sheet: Diplodocus, Parasaurolophus, Protoceratops, Ankylosaurus, Anzu wyliei, and Stegosaurus

T-Rex Sheet: T-rex, Fedexia, Tianoceras, Triceratops, Quetzalcoatlus, various plants and shells

Sea Creatures: Dolichorhynchops, Protostega, Xiphactinusv, Stenopterygius, Tianoceras (x2), Sea Slug, yellow fish

“Thick, durable vinyl protects your sticker sheets from scratching, rain & sunlight.”

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