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Bridge Witches: A Tarot Deck

Bridge Witches: A Tarot Deck


Designed and illustrated by Ki11erpancake, printed in small batches by Drive-Thru Cards.

This fully illustrated 78 card deck features people and places from across the City of Pittsburgh. Each suit of the minor arcana represents a season and direction in the city. Fences (winter, The North Side), Cicadas (summer, The South Side), Trees (spring, The East End), Cups (fall, The West End). The Major Arcana, (the gods of greater ideas in the tarot) personify the challenges and triumphs of the City of Steel that has risen from the ashes over the past few decades.

Full color guide book included contains descriptions for each card, examples of different card spreads, and prints. (6x9 inches, 53 pages)

Thirteen cards have been updated for the second edition of this deck with new stories from different Pittsburghers. (The first edition is no longer available.)

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