Breakfast C1ub

Mail is mostly bills and garbage. But it doesn't have to be.


Dawn Across America

Postcard from the road between Pittsburgh + Las Vegas.

Over this past summer I was lucky to be able to travel across Japan for my honeymoon. Instead of buying trinkets from our travels for friends, I collected their mailing addresses and dropped each a postcard with a story / drawing / stickers from our travels. The response was super positive and inspired me to buy stationary kits (thank you Wildcard!) and send letters from a quick trip to NYC and Washington DC over Labor Day weekend. Eventually I decided make my own limited run of postcards to mail while I'm on the road, (which is turning out to be kind of often.)

I'm calling it Breakfast C1ub. I hope people enjoy pictures and tales from the road while they sip a cup of coffee in the morning. In past notes I shared about replacing a pair of rain soaked shoes in the Akihabara neighborhood of Tokyo, a last minute change of plans in New York that led to a Central Park adventure, and scribbled drawings of quiet subway rides in the sweltering subway tunnels. If you're interested, be the first of two-hundred people to fill out the form below. It's 100% free!

What Do I get out of this?

This is how I've started to journal. In the past, I would write things down and never look at them and books would stack up. I'd rather digest my experiences by writing it down and sharing with other people. I love to draw but it's hard to think about what to put down without a prompt. This give me creative fuel that spreads into my professional projects.

Next Trip

I'm driving to Las Vegas with my friend Mark starting October 10th! Get your address in before then to make sure you get a card.


  1. You don't have to give your home address but obviously a mailing address that you want to check.
  2. I won't ever send you anything other than a message/drawing from a trip. This is to connect and share with people not sell them things. I don't tell anyone what I wrote. That's just for you. (I do take pictures of things I might draw though... a girl's gotta Instagram.)
  3. Some people have wanted to write back! Send your postcard / letter to PO Box 40284 Pittsburgh, PA 15201. I would love to hear from you!
  4. Some people asked about supporting this free project. If you would like to Venmo Genevieve-Barbee-Turner ( feel free but don't feel obligated.
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