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A digital version of the Ki11erpancake sketchbook, these regular updates show behind the scenes of how this illustrator works.

Finishing September's Sketchbook


My little portable playground is almost done for this September. The themes for this time period are revision, experimentation, and expansion.


I draw a lot in pen. Simply, I throw down rough basic sketches to layout the idea and then scan to use as an under-drawing in Photoshop. The ink is easier to photograph than graphite and I don't really care about them looking good. Plus, a good bic pen is just STELLAR to draw with. This month Irevisited these sketches with new watercolors and enjoyed this so much I found myself craving time with my book.


There was a sale at Artist and Craftsman here in Pittsburgh (40% off watercolor!! Someone is getting ready for the holiday season...) and I bought a bunch of Van Gogh Watercolor bricks in a little handy case. I layered things and dug into stuff in a way I have been too afraid to try on fancy paper. It was exilerating and showed me that I've really been holding back...


Kirkpatrick Street, The Hill District, Pittsburgh (graphite)

tarot-people copy.jpg

Testing out new watercolors


I spent a lot of time filling every inch of paper possible. This was almost stressful and I found myself moving super fast. Patience is a virture I haven't mastered yet.

next month

I will be doing an Inktober... let's see how this goes.