Inktober Week One

The theme for the first week has been all about getting settled with new materials. The other challenge for me is simply completing all the prompts. So far so good but with a trip to Vegas in the middle I'll be curious to see how challenging this will become.

Process-wise, I found myself using a brush more than anything else this week and struggling with unintentional bleed (a reason that ink is not appealing normally). That said, each of these sketches came quickly. If I took the time to box things out at first then I had a new composition at the end of my doodle. Without the box you can watch as I wander around the page with little thought to composition. (It's amazing what a fucking box will do!)

While utilizing the official prompt list, I am also fleshing out a larger piece over this month that I've wanted to tackle for about a year now. Since getting sober in late 2014, I've had a lot of internal conflict to weed through. It's been quite the ride and now that I'm a bit healthier I'd like to get it out there the only way that I know how (by drawing... duh). Each drawing is based on a thought or feeling—there's not a lot of written story to share here yet though so just appreciate the image for what it is.

After this month I'll be curious to look through this sketchbook and see what larger work will come of this...