My Sweet Roadtrip Killed Inktober for Me

But I got the trip of a life time out of it so I'm good :)

My intent with Inktober this year was to draw about some difficult things that had been on my mind and work through them. It turns out that driving eight hours a day for two weeks provided the time and space I needed. My drawing eye wandered from inside my heart to look out at the landscape of nine different states.

Here is a dump from the inside of my sketchbook over the past couple weeks, including some drawings from right before I left. It might be worth noting that I lingered and revisited pages for a few days in most of these drawings.

YOU GUYS. I had such great plans for this dumb little blog the past two weeks. I had all these post drafts qued up I was planning on writing from the road and all I had to do was add some pictures and text—it was going to be great! Then I got on the road did what I always do. I got lost in the trip and gave nary a single thought about documenting anything in real time.

Honestly, I forgot all about all of it. Instead I just let myself take on each day of eight hour driving, drew a lot in my sketchbook, and took a stupid amount of pictures.