(Almost) All the Post Boxes I sent postcards from across America

Writing from the road is my new favorite pastime. (This is a huge statement coming from the lady who describes writing as a genuinely painful experience.) However, this is sooo different! After a long day of being in motion it returns me to a stationary state and helps me process the day.

While I firmly believe I am most at home on the road, I still need ritual and this is now a part of that. As I sailed down the highway from Pittsburgh to Las Vegas this past October, I wrote a TON of postcards to people living across the US and in two other countries. Many of them I know (at least from the Internet) but a lot were new—which was both exciting and daunting.

Trying to keep each message honest — I flooded the cards with a mixture of wonder, exhaustion, and my trademark goofiness. MY favorite result has been people writing me back! If you want to send me a postcard (from your travels or from your everyday life where ever you live) you can send it to Genevieve Barbee-Turner / Ki11erpancake PO Box 40284 Pittsburgh, PA 15201.

Now enjoy a slide show of postboxes and me writing up cards. (I missed a really sweet mailbox in Kearney, Nebraska that still haunts me.) Read captions for more info