Making Stickers is Annoying AF but Fun

Dear reader,

This post is not for you. It’s for me. I’ve been writing about what I’m up to each day and it’s helping me a lot for some reason so here’s another installment.

A month ago I set the goal to make 100 animations from now until December 31st. I’ve done 9. I’m still planning on hitting my goal but I think I won’t get there if I keep fucking with these. First it was learning how to use After Effects and Photoshop to create gifs. Then it was sorting out how to remove the white background. Now I can’t get the file size under 500k and it’s just… frustrating to keep going back to these same files. I AM STUBBORN ENOUGH but I’m starting to think that if I keep fucking with them nothing more will be made.

The truth is I feel like I owe them to people since I put static ones up on the iOS Message App Store in May. I said I would do an update but between my laptop and Xcode I corrupted the original file and am now kinda locked out.

Here’s the deal though, I don’t actually owe them to anyone. No one is waiting around for these at all and if they are then they know how to get a hold of me and I will do something….

Looking at them now in a little gallery, it’s interesting to see what works in these and what doesn’t. I still have a lot to learn but strangely enough it has been a fun ride.