Moving Images, New & Old

A month and a half ago,

I learned that everything I was doing in After Effects was wrong. This explained why it was taking me ages to do the simplest animations. Thankfully I had been mindful enough to sign up for a workshop at ICON 10 which answered all my problems and turned me on to some new techniques as well. Now it’s time for the next step which is arguably the most thrilling—taking what I’ve learned and doing it over and over and over and over until it makes sense.


I’m a firm believer in practice makes perfect,

but I also believe in monetizing early and often so I’ve challenged myself with creating 100 animated digital stickers for sale on the iOS Messenger App Store by New Years. (I’m thinking that’s maybe 4 different packs.) Producing new items and getting them out into the digital market as quickly as possible allows me to see what works and what doesn’t. I’ve been surprised to see people finding my little experiment from earlier this year and want to know more about what key words and categories work best. (Unfortunately, I’m not able to focus on anything other than iOS at the moment but maybe something for Android will happen eventually.)

The only downside is I can’t update my first sticker pack (which is why I haven’t linked you to it in this little debrief) . Because of a corrupted file, what I put up in late May/June is kinda just stuck there. It’s fine… people are still purchasing it but in my opinion it’s not where I want it to be. Once these guys get up there I’ll likely take it down.

Another aspect of this initiative is writing about what I’m doing as frequently as possible. Frankly, this is more for me than you, dear (hypothetical) reader. I need to be able to look back a what I’ve been up to and feel a sense of progress… So I’m not promising good writing or anything—just quick notes at the end of a long day.

PS: I just finished a large dinosaur (real) sticker project. These images are like, 4 ft x 2 ft and being printed out for an outside wall but wouldn’t they also be perfect for lil’ animated iPhone stickers? (yes… duh…)