Old Tricks

My lack of patience makes me difficult to teach but I make up for it by being extremely stubborn.


This is why I’m probably more of an autodidact than an academic. Today, I kept at this 100 animated sticker goal using drawings from my tarot deck. I have a bunch of them on hand and it’s easier to use an old drawing to practice After Effects. Practice at the moment has been simply going through and nudging dials on things, hating the result, and trying something else.

When I finally break down and search for a tutorial on an effect I get a video that’s not really what I want and it feels like an even bigger waste of time. Such is the internet. At this point, I get the principles of AE so it’s less of a time suck to wander through the effects panel.

That being said, I still just went with simple transformations for this silly thing. It feels so basic but these are fucking iMessage stickers and I over complicate everything so I’m going to let it go.