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A digital version of the Ki11erpancake sketchbook, these regular updates show behind the scenes of how this illustrator works.

The Big Dino Sticker Pack


About the Project

In September 2018, the Public Art and Civic Design Team commissioned several artists to spruce up sections of nine different Pittsburgh City Parks. I chose the underpass between Schenley Pool and Anderson Playground —decorating it with large 4 foot by 2.5 foot illustrations of dinosaurs.

Titled, “The Big Dino Sticker Pack” the installation compliments the playground’s dino theme and references the legacy of Carnegie funded dinosaur digs and discoveries. The fossils from these expeditions are on display in the Carnegie Museum of Natural History (CMNH) close by and came in handy for the creation of this project.

All the drawings are done by yours truly in Photoshop, using dino skeletons as reference and applying flesh and color to the ancient bones. While I used some of the scientific renderings on display at CMNH for my own illustrations, I also invented some color schemes for other dinosaurs in order to offer a wide variety of palettes in the final project.

While some of the dinos are quite recognizable others are lesser know but checked the “cool factor” box while researching. One such is Fedexia, found here in Pittsburgh. Think of it like a cat sized salamander that enjoyed the taste of raw flesh! Discovered on land owned by FedEx (near Robinson Township) they now enjoy the ultimate product placement in the historic record.

The Schenely Pool side features creatures from the deep—most found in Kansas which was once a vast ocean. The Anderson Playground side houses mostly land creatures. See a full list at the bottom of the page.

Scroll through this page to follow the install!

This project was a ton of fun to do but you don’t have to live in Pittsburgh to enjoy it. I’ve created more manageable sized stickers for folks to purchase in my shop. (link below)


It all starts with a blank slate


Three of the twenty-six design


Sticker Install


Final product!


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