Tarot Survey

Thank you for navigating here! If you don’t know who I am already, my name is Genevieve and I’m an artist and illustrator living in Pittsburgh, PA. I created a tarot deck about Pittsburgh not too long ago and enjoyed that journey so much I’m thinking of doing it again—but different. I was incredibly lucky to create a deck that introduced me to some amazing tarot readers and siblings in the occult. I am grateful for their invaluable support and insight.

This time around I want to be more thoughtful about who the end user is and what their needs are. Below I’m collecting some basic (optional) demographics simply to get to know you better and understand what’s important to you.

This information stays with me. I am intentionally not collecting names in order for you to communicate honestly with me. If you would like to stay in touch and get updates about the new project (I’m going to be looking for test users in the coming months) then you have the option to share your email with me. Otherwise, I just appreciate your time and your story.

If you have any questions please contact hello@ki11erpancake.com.

Use this space as you please. If you prefer not to answer please write "prefer not to answer".
Amazon or your favorite occult shop?
Feelings about the Rider-Waite deck *
Feelings about the Rider-Waite deck
A Wikipedia refresher on what the Rider-Waite deck is: "The Rider-Waite tarot deck (originally published 1910) is one of the most popular tarot decks in use for divination today in the English-speaking world."
The Rider-Waite deck is the most authentic tarot deck
The symbols and themes of the Rider-Waite deck are relatable to me.
The symbols and themes featured in the Rider-Waite deck are sacred and immutable.