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Artist Genevieve Barbee is creating 800 portraits of individuals and their talents. She asks each person one question: "What are you good at?". She's had a lot of different responses...

Jen Costello is Good at Designing, Carving, and Painting Canes for Herself and Others with Disabilities

Oil on paper, 2015

Oil on paper, 2015

Today I’m going to let Jen tell her whole story in her own words (click to listen). She did an excellent job and was such a great beta tester for the new online submission process. Thank you Jen for this and creating some gorgeous canes: Check out her work at

Instead, my write-up today is going to discuss the dirty little details of crafting the today’s project.

The 101st Portrait Felt Like the First

This morning I awoke early to create a portrait as per usual but unlike other days I was slow to find my inner drill sergeant. Instead, I dithered, I delayed, and what I eventually crafted frustrated the living shit out of me. I had a great drawing but the oil paint / color pencil combo was absolute garbage. Tearing it apart I distracted myself with other chores. Rather than take a real break I kept obsessing about how the timeline was off and my day was now fucked.

All my appointments got squiffed around which lead to more obsessive thinking and a terrifying mood arouse out of the darkness of my already semi-depressed soul.

It wasn’t until being forced to go to another appointment that turned out to be a complete blast that I was able o finally return, put the final touches on the piece and give it to you here.

I’m sharing this because TWYGA is as much about the people I’m drawing as it is about my insane personality and the strange obsessive personal challenge I’ve created for myself here.

The final piece is graphite, oil paint, and color pencil on paper that total production time was only about 2 hours (including the torn image).