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Artist Genevieve Barbee is creating 800 portraits of individuals and their talents. She asks each person one question: "What are you good at?". She's had a lot of different responses...

Adrienne is Good at Crying

Watercolor and graphite on paper, 2015

Watercolor and graphite on paper, 2015

On the last day of my former day job I asked Adrienne if she still wanted to share her lovely talent with me. When she agreed I could only think of the outdoor area next to the office building we worked in to convene which just so happens to be right next door to a gas company, (you know, the ones that make pressurized tanks of different kind of gas? Maybe you don’t but it’s a thing). 

Regardless she was a champ and we got to discuss her talent for crying. I hope that the image I’ve whipped up to accompany this image shows a mixture of peace, strength, and moodiness. If it doesn’t then let’s just say it does.