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Artist Genevieve Barbee is creating 800 portraits of individuals and their talents. She asks each person one question: "What are you good at?". She's had a lot of different responses...

Erin is Good At Empathizing

My friend Erin came over to hang out in the studio and like many participants was initially hesitant to discuss her talents. This interview is a little meta because in this moment she’s really empathizing with the many other people interviewed before her.

While recording this chat, we were in her car on the way to Highland Park. In future, I think I’ll be collecting more interviews in cars as the sounds are extremely comforting to me and also offer non sequiturs that I dare say are super amusing. The car we are talking about in this chat had a huge piece of wood that travelled from the front passenger side window through the car and out the back of the roped down hatch back. It had to be 20 feet long and was incredibly dangerous. If you’ve lived in Pittsburgh for any amount of time you know that driving dangerously is a treasured Pittsburgh pastime.

Demonstrating her ability to be both shy and empathetic, Erin’s portrait puts her elbow in the foreground of the image—not even a little bit of her forehead for the camera. It’s very fitting and reminds me how much I care for her.