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Artist Genevieve Barbee is creating 800 portraits of individuals and their talents. She asks each person one question: "What are you good at?". She's had a lot of different responses...

Helen is Good at Busting Through Red Tape (with the Help of Caffine + Her Pups)

Helen kicking ass with her two pups, Brooks and Fritz (back to front respectively) 

Project Update

So, I got an iPad Pro + Pencil recently and it has kind of changed everything. Since always, I've had to carve out studio space in the strangest places and have rarely found a truly good spot to groove. It impacts everything from what materials I use to the sizes I work in. All that is different now using Procreate.

While digital illustration is no replacement for any kind of actual paint— Procreate gives me freedom to play in a way that I never have before. 

Helen the Great

Helen and I met up at the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh, Lawrenceville branch during a Work  Night. She works for Lawrenceville United, a tiny but fierce neighborhood organization that busts ass to make cool shit happen. The new orchard on Duncan Street that's going to being planted this weekend? That was Helen. Free dinner night at Kaleidescope Cafe for seniors? That was Helen. I could go on and on.

Work Night was such a success that I will begin to go there regularly to collect talents. (Running around town and chasing people's schedules is pretty exhausting for one lil' artist and the online submission process still isn't working efficiently.) 

If you want to chat, call the branch manager LeeAnn Anna at 412-682-3910 or and let her know if you can make to the next Work Night, (May 12th between 6PM–10PM).

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