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Artist Genevieve Barbee is creating 800 portraits of individuals and their talents. She asks each person one question: "What are you good at?". She's had a lot of different responses...

Kyle is Good At Nemonic Devices

This past weekend I attended a Halloween party, (yeah—on November 7th) knowing in the back of my mind that i would likely be an excellent place to capture local talents. I’ve done this project long enough to know that the more informal the environment, the less people worry over what to say and just have fun with this silly little art project of mine.

Kyle walked out onto the porch of the house we were chillin’ and snapped off a little saying to his friend Maureen (her talent will be up this week). Seeing my chance I quickly nabbed him in for a quick chat that I will forever treasure. It’s conversations like this one where a person really gets to shine and break-down their process in a way that I swear is mutually beneficial. I get another post, they get a little more perspective on their awesomeness.

The corresponding image below didn’t get the regular two hour time limit. Instead, this was produced in 45 minutes—regardless I’m still pleased with it.